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How to Make Social Media Work for You at Work and in Life: Fearless in 5

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Have you ever been sucked into a black hole? Just as a black hole in space is a place where space-time becomes so warped it twists in on itself, a black hole opens up for many of us when we use social media. You plan to go on Facebook for just five minutes while enjoying your morning coffee, but the next thing you know, it’s lunch time.

It can be a time suck, taking you away from those important things both professionally and personally. It can also tarnish people’s impressions of you. That’s why in this week’s Fearless in 5, we’ll focus on five steps to take to make social media work for you both at work and in life.

Tip #1: Let’s talk time. Before you open whichever app takes the most of your time, open up your phone and set a timer for five minutes,15 minutes--whatever feels right. That way you’ll have something to help stop you before you get sucked in for hours.

Tip #2: Give yourself a time out. Anytime you want to post something that could potentially spark a debate—stop yourself. Again, set a timer for a few minutes and then revisit it before you hit post.

Tip #3: Avoid being too aggressive or point-counter point. Most of the time it just makes you look insecure instead of confident and knowledgeable.

Tip #4: Think about your leadership brand. What you post on social media should reflect that. If you want to be known as a warm, caring, compassionate leader, your posts should reflect that.

Finally--If you do want to post something that is either a little risqué or self-congratulatory, go for it--but just do it for your inner circle. Create that post so it is only going to your closest confidantes.

Any tips you can share about how to be successful in social media? Please do so in the comments below. And to learn more about you can be fearless at work and in life, check out Wet Cement at



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