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Partnering with Advance Women at Work, WE.DOOH offers webinars, training sessions and video releases with helpful tips for women in the workplace. WE.DOOH’s subject matter expert is Jenn Willey of Advance Women at Work and CEO of Wet Cement, a strategic provider of integrated training, consulting, speaking and coaching services. Registration is now open for Jenn's virtual webinar on April 7th that focuses on "Sharpening Your Negotiation Skills." A second webinar on May 19th is dedicated to "Building Inclusive Work Cultures." Registration will be open soon.

The Farmer-Owned Cooperative and Wet Cement Held a Celebration Marked by an Inclusive Leadership Keynote and Interactive Workshops Designed to Empower and Connect Female Colleagues

International General Insurance Holdings Limited (IGI), the international specialist commercial insurer and reinsurer, today announced plans to support the women in its organization on International Women's Day by investing in their personal and professional development. As part of its ongoing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiative, IGI will offer Career Excel to every woman within its global organization, which spans five offices. Female employees access the online program from any location, complete it at their own pace and take away actionable strategies to advance their careers.

Why It's Important to Celebrate Black History Month, Regardless of Your Skin Color

At Wet Cement, we value diversity. When we broaden our perspective and include others, research shows we benefit from innovative ideas, improved productivity, stronger engagement and a healthier culture. No one appreciates that more than our Founder, Jennifer Willey, who recently shared why she champions diversity and celebrates Black History Month in her LinkedIn piece.

Women's Empowerment Program to Debut at the Inaugural ad:tech 2020 Inclusivity Summit. 

Wet Cement, a U.S.-based consulting firm that provides global training, coaching and keynote speaking services, announced today that its Gender Equality practice, Advance Women at Work™, will launch in Japan later this year in support of the country's "Womenomics" policy. Wet Cement's Advance Women At Work™ Japan accelerates gender equality with culturally relevant training designed to transform female talent into high-performing, fearless leaders.

Our fearless CEO dropped by the Hunterdon Chamber Radio "Happy to Help" show to talk with host Nicole Smith. Hear more about Jenn's mission to Advance Women At Work and her advice for others who want to turn their passion into a career they love.

Sharing your gifts with others can be a rewarding way to make a difference. Jenn's Working for Women sponsored workshop for the mentors and mentees of Raising HOPE was a reminder that by supporting each other, we enable one another to soar in beautiful new ways. 

In the spirit of women helping women during this season of gratitude, three NY/NJ Metro organizations are joining forces for good. Wet Cement and Working for Women are teaming up to help women who have previously been in the criminal justice or social service system gain the skills they need to achieve economic independence. The partnership kicks off with a workshop for Raising HOPE entitled Understanding and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome on November 13, 2019 in Kingston, NY. 

In her newest post, Wet Cement CEO Jennifer Willey details how companies and individuals can build a business culture everyone wants to be part of, and no one wants to leave. 

Wet Cement's CEO Jennifer Willey shares her perspective on how women can make connections and "find comfort in knowing they are not alone." 

Wet Cement CEO, Jennifer Willey, sits down with PIX 11 News anchor Katie Corrado to discuss what YOU can do to advocate for yourself as you kickoff Q4.  

As a member of the non-profit Working for Women, Wet Cement commits both profits and time to help the female empowering organizations the group supports. Working for Women recently featured Wet Cement's Jenn Willey in their member spotlight. 

In Jenn's latest post, she details how to pursue a more flexible working arrangement that works for you. 

WE.DOOH is a DPAA powered Initiative in partnership with Wet Cement's Advance Women at Work, that unites the women working across the Digital Out-of-Home ecosystem.  WE.DOOH Director Jennifer Willey spoke at the recent networking event.

Learn how to speak up and be an advocate for yourself with tips from Jenn's latest post.

Jennifer Willey shares tips to stay on mission each and every week in her latest feature. 

Jennifer Willey explores how a playful approach can help you get ahead in your career.

Wet Cement is proud to announce the launch of Career Excel--the Premier Online Leadership Training Program for Women.

Discover how meditation can unlock your creativity in Jennifer's latest post.

​Wet Cement CEO and Founder Jennifer Willey is featured in this "Bare It All" blog on "The Truth About Impostor Syndrome." Highlights from her International Women's Day Event for Walmart in 2019 are shared along with additional tips about how you can identify and overcome Impostor Syndrome. 

Wet Cement CEO Jennifer Willey is the featured guest on "Excellence Personified," to share her story and her mission to promote Gender Equality across the globe.  Listen now to learn about her story and approach.

Cataloging your achievements on a regular basis can build the self-confidence you need to make a career move. Find out how in Jennifer Willey's latest post.

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2018- In his opening remarks at his organization’s annual Video Everywhere Summit, DPAA President & CEO Barry Frey announced today the creation of an initiative designed to aid and empower women in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry.

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- KPI Solutions (, an ad technology company that provides digital media solutions, today announced Jennifer Willey, Global Gender Equality Expert, CEO and Founder of Wet Cement (, will lead the company's session at AdTech Tokyo (, a premier global marketing conference. Taking place October 4-5, 2018, Willey will discuss how companies can fuel innovation and growth by becoming a modern marketer for today's woman. 

The Modern Guide to Equality gives you the tools you need to create a more equal company and, ultimately, make workplace equality a reality worldwide.  Wet Cement Founder and CEO, Jennifer Willey, is featured as an Expert and Collaborator for the 2018 report from The Female Quotient.  Her expert interview focuses on Wet Cement's proprietary insights and approach to achieve Gender Equality. 

"...InvolveHim invites senior-level men — only men — to hear and discuss ways they can empower and support women at work and, ideally, improve their individual company’s culture and bottom line.

“Our programming and memberships are focused on women, but we’ve always been inclusive of men for our events,” Driskill said. “We’ve had a ton of events where men come in and say, ‘I love this space. I love what you’re doing. I want to be involved.’”

Tuesday’s workshop is their moment, Driskill said. It will be run by Jennifer Willey, founder of Wet Cement, a New York-based corporate coaching firm.

Wet Cement surveyed dozens of male executives, and learned that 4 out of 5 say that when it comes to skills women can control, it's their lack of confidence that is holding them back from climbing the corporate ladder.  Jenn Willey, Founder and CEO of Wet Cement, shares her proprietary 5-step plan for how women can bridge this gap and boost their self-confidence. 

It’s a brand new year, and naturally, you’ve probably come up with a few New Year’s resolutions: keeping your email inbox at zero, getting to the gym more often, finishing at least one book, or finally going dairy-free. But have you set any New Year’s resolutions for yourself and your business? If not, here are a few resolutions to help female founders succeed in the new year with advice from entrepreneurs and investors featured on Project Entrepreneur, including Wet Cement Founder Jennifer Willey.

What are the best steps to take when developing a sales strategy? Jennifer Willey shares her insight into creating an effective sales strategy in this article. 

The drug channel is undergoing massive transformation as a new age of healthcare consumerism is driving a new retail-ization of healthcare. To compete in this rapidly changing space, drug retailers — and the suppliers they do business with — will need to adapt to those changes or they will be replaced by companies that will.  Insights provided by Wet Cement Founder, Jennifer Willey.  

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