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Newest Fearless in 5 Article Shares How to Leverage AI for Personal and Professional Growth

Are you intimidated by the latest AI tools and/or unsure of how to use them? Check out the latest Fearless in 5 article to discover the benefits of artificial intelligence and how to apply this valuable tech throughout your life and career. 

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Join Us for the @DPAAGlobal Women's Empowerment Webinar on March 26th, 2024

DPAA, the global trade marketing association, is hosting a Women’s Empowerment Webinar for Women’s History Month. The session will explore gender bias in the workplace and offer actionable steps participants can take to successfully combat inequality. The session will be led by DPAA’s subject matter expert, Jennifer Willey, Founder & CEO of Wet Cement. 


Wet Cement Introduces New Keynote for International Women's Day 2024

IWD 2024 is approaching fast on March 8th. Our new Inspire Inclusion talk supports the 2024 IWD theme and focuses on Celebrating Achievement and Advancing Gender Equality in the Workplace. Find out more about this inspiring keynote here and let us know how we can help make your event memorable and meaningful.

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Wet Cement Partners with the iab to Deliver Training Workshops on Fearless Sales and Leadership Skills

Wet Cement is leading two valuable full-day training sessions in May 2023 at the iab Lab in New York City: Fearless Sales on May 17th and Fearless Leader: New Manager Training on May 24th. Spots are limited so don't miss the opportunity to develop critical business skills to accelerate your success.

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Wet Cement Delivers Impactful Solutions as Part of Genentech's Diverse Supplier Mentorship Program

As part of the Diverse Supplier Mentorshop Program, Wet Cement has gained insights on how to compete and win business with larger corporations like Genentech.

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OutfrontX A-List Event Features Keynote from Jenn Willey on How to Build an Inclusive Culture

Jenn's keynote explores IWD's #EmbraceEquity theme and offers attendees strategies to foster inclusion, recognize gender inequalities and empower female colleagues.

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Digital & Dirt Digs into Unconscious Biases, Inclusion and Equity with Guest Jenn Willey

In the latest Digital & Dirt podcast, Jenn discusses her journey to empower women and advance gender equity in the workplace.

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How to Embrace Equity for International Women's Day 2023

Watch the latest Fearless in 5 for tips on how to celebrate this year's IWD 2023 theme of "Embrace Equity."

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Captivate Shines a Spotlight on DEI

In a recent article, Captivate, North America’s leading digital-out-of-home video network, recently featured Jenn Willey as a key leader advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Erin Lowrey's Thanks for Waiting Podcast Features Wet Cement's Jenn Willey on Unlocking Fearlessness  

Jenn sat down with Erin Lowrey to talk all about identifying imposter syndrome and tips to combat it, leaning into an identity shift, and what it means to be fearlessly who you are. 

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DiverseAbility Magazine's Spring 2022 Issue Features Jenn Willey's Work/Life Equilibrium Piece

Jenn's latest article offers readers five strategies to achieve a healthy balance that delivers more joy, purpose, and that "feel-good fuel" we all need to live our best lives.   

WEDOOH Women's Empowerment Series

DPAA's WE.DOOH Offers Women Meaningful Mentorship Workshop Hosted by Wet Cement

DPAA, the global trade marketing association, driving the digitization of out-of-home (OOH) media and its growing role in the Omnichannel mix, today announced it will hold its first WE.DOOH (Women’s Empowerment in Digital Out of Home) webinar on March 24, at 11am ET.

We.DOOH Work/Life Integration Workshop

Wet Cement Partners with DPAA's WE.DOOH to Help Women Find Fulfillment in 2022

On December 15th, 2021, Jenn Willey will lead a free workshop on How to Achieve Work/Life Integration and Find Your Joy.  Attendees will map out a plan to achieve true personal and professional balance while articulating their purpose to guide priorities. Open to DPAA members and non-members.  

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Wet Cement Partners with Biogen's Commercial Operations and Excellence Team

Jenn recently trained Biogen's leadership on how to build stronger client relationships by developing a questioning strategy and commitment contract that establishes value. 

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Delivering Innovation via Livestream Keynote at AdTech Tokyo 2020

Jenn's virtual keynote on Innovation Through Inclusivity kicked off AdTech Tokyo 2020. Her unique presentation was customized by gender and informed by research in partnership with Comexposium that examines how gender dynamics impact Japanese corporate culture.  

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Wet Cement is Proud to Be An iab Preferred Training Partner

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (iab) trains media professionals and certifies their knowledge for employers and business partners. Wet Cement is now an iab Preferred Training Partner, helping empower its members within the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. 

Other Side of Adversity Podcast image

Breaking Through the Other Side of Adversity with an Inspiring Podcast  

Jenn recently sat down with host Laura Masi for a feature on the “Other Side of Adversity” podcast. Listen to what Jenn shared about Imposter Syndrome, her own limiting beliefs and the Fearless Formula to guide personal success.

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Considering a Career Shift? Consider This Advice.

Jenn was one of six female entrepreneurs featured in the new Career Craft article on  Read her advice on leaving corporate life to become your own boss. 


How the Japanese Concept of Ikigai Defines Your "Reason for Being"  

iab.THERE's Sheryl Goldstein recently interviewed Wet Cement's Jenn Willey. Find out what Jenn had to say about the value of ikigai as a guiding principle and how mindset impacts decision-making and fearlessness. 


WE.DOOH DPAA Hosts Free Workshop on Innovation Through Inclusivity

Businesses that value diverse perspectives, transform bias into conscious inclusion and empower marginalized employees, innovate at a faster rate. Learn the key variables in the ‘Inclusivity Equation’ to help you build a collaborative culture and feel fearless at work and in life. Register in advance for this free WE.DOOH webinar on May 19th.

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Career Excel Co-Founder Hira Ali Featured in Forbes

Author and licensed NLP practitioner, Hira Ali, underscores the value of leadership training for professional women.  In her insightful article for Forbes, she focuses on the barriers that can hold career women back and strategies to reinforce their strengths and business innovation. 

The Reset Podcast logo

The Reset Podcast Gets Fearless During the Pandemic

In episode 93, Reset host Laura Mignott interviews Jenn Willey who details her mission to help others be fearless at work and in life. Jenn also speaks to why relationships are more important than ever given how dramatically the pandemic has changed the business landscape. 


DPAA Adds Second WE.DOOH Webinar on Negotiation Skills

DPAA  has added a second WE.DOOH (Women’s Empowerment in Digital Out-of-Home) webinar on Sharpening Negotiating Skills following the success of the first session attended by 350 people. For a limited time, DPAA has opened WE.DOOH events up to non-members of DPAA.


WE.DOOH DPAA Webinars Empower Leaders with Professional Development

Partnering with Advance Women at Work, WE.DOOH offers training sessions and video releases to help women in the workplace. Registration is now open for Jenn Willey's April 7th webinar on "Sharpening Your Negotiation Skills."   

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Ocean Spray Partners with Advance Women At Work on International Women's Day

The Farmer-Owned Cooperative and Wet Cement held a celebration marked by an Inclusive Leadership keynote and interactive workshops designed to empower and connect female colleagues.

Career Excel Logo

IGI Teams Up with Career Excel to Empower Its Female Employees with Career Development Skills

As part of its ongoing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiative, IGI will offer Career Excel to every woman within its global organization. Female employees access the online program from any location, complete it at their own pace and learn actionable strategies to advance their careers.


Why It's Important to Celebrate Black History Month, Regardless of Skin Color

At Wet Cement, we value diversity. When we broaden our perspective and include others, research shows we benefit from innovative ideas, improved productivity and a healthier culture. No one appreciates that more than our Founder, Jennifer Willey, who recently shared why she champions diversity and celebrates Black History Month. 

Advance Women At Work logo

Advance Women At Work Program Will Accelerate Gender Equity in Japan

Wet Cement announced today that its Gender Equality practice, Advance Women at Work™, will launch in Japan later this year in support of the country's "Womenomics" policy.  Advance Women At Work™ Japan accelerates gender equality with culturally relevant training designed to transform female talent into high-performing, fearless leaders.

Jenn Willey on Hunterdon County Radio show image

Jenn is "Happy to Help" Hunterdon Chamber Radio

Our fearless CEO dropped by the Hunterdon Chamber Radio "Happy to Help" show to talk with host Nicole Smith. Hear more about Jenn's mission to Advance Women At Work and her advice for others who want to turn their passion into a career they love.

Jennifer Willey leading a workshop for the Women of Raising Hope

How Giving Back Can Raise HOPE for Women in Need

Sharing your gifts with others can be a rewarding way to make a difference. Jenn's Working for Women sponsored workshop for the mentors and mentees of Raising HOPE was a reminder that by supporting each other, we enable one another to soar in beautiful and exciting new ways. 

Working for Women Member logo

Wet Cement Partners with Non-Profit Organization Working for Women

In the spirit of women helping women during this season of gratitude, three NY/NJ Metro organizations are joining forces for good.  Wet Cement and Working for Women are teaming up to help the women of Raising HOPE who have previously been in the criminal justice or social service system gain the skills they need to achieve economic independence. 

Empathy at Work Jennifer Willey

Building a Culture of Care: Promoting Empathy in the Workplace

In her newest post, Wet Cement CEO Jennifer Willey details how companies and individuals can build a business culture everyone wants to be part of, and no one wants to leave. 


Refinery29 Showcases Women Helping Women 

Wet Cement's CEO shares her perspective on how women can make connections and "find comfort in knowing they are not alone." 

Jenn Willey on WPIX Girl Talk morning show

Jenn Drops by PIX 11 Morning News for "Girl Talk"

Wet Cement CEO, Jennifer Willey, sits down with PIX 11 News anchor Katie Corrado to discuss what YOU can do to advocate for yourself as you kickoff Q4.  

Working for Women member logo

Wet Cement is Working for Women 

As a member of the non-profit Working for Women, Wet Cement commits both profits and time to help the female-empowering organizations the group supports. Working for Women recently featured Wet Cement's Jenn Willey in their member spotlight. 

Flexible Work Jennifer Willey

How to Pursue a More Flexible Working Arrangement

Need better work/life balance?  In Jenn's latest post, she shares strategies to help you advocate for yourself and your team by pursuing a flexible work structure that works for you. 

We.DOOH members

DPAA Empowers Females in the Out of Home Association

WE.DOOH is a DPAA powered Initiative in partnership with Wet Cement's Advance Women at Work, that unites the women working across the Digital Out-of-Home ecosystem.  WE.DOOH Director Jennifer Willey spoke at the recent networking event.

Loud and Proud jennifer Willey

Loud and Proud: Taking Pride in Self-Promotion

Learn how to speak up and be an advocate for yourself with strategies and advice from Jenn's latest post that will get you recognized for the Super Woman you are.


Structuring Your Week to Stay on Mission

Improve your productivity and stay focused with clear objectives. Jenn shares tips to stay on mission each and every week in her latest post. 

Career Excel Logo

Career Fulfillment is One Click Away

Wet Cement is proud to announce the launch of Career Excel--the Premier Online Leadership Training Program for Women.  This 12-week e-learning curriculum is focused on 18 topics typically challenging for female professionals, including Self-Advocacy & Promotion, Building Your Personal Board of Directors and more.


How to Unleash Your Creativity Through Meditation

In this fast-paced world where everyone is over-scheduled and overwhelmed, it may seem impossible to find time to meditate. Jenn shares five ways to work in small doses of calm throughout your day.

Bare Necessities Logo

Bare It All: Bare Necessities and the Walmart
e-Commerce Blog

​Wet Cement CEO and Founder Jennifer Willey is featured in this "Bare It All" blog on "The Truth About Impostor Syndrome." The article includes highlights from her 2019 International Women's Day Event for Walmart along with additional tips to help you overcome Impostor Syndrome. 

National Speakers Association NY Chapter logo

Tune in to The National Speaker's Association "Excellence Personified" 

Wet Cement's Jennifer Willey was recently a guest on "Excellence Personified,"  She shared her personal story and mission to promote Gender Equality across the globe.   

Inc logo

Five Steps to Creating an Effective Sales Strategy

Need to develop a more effective sales strategy that converts prospects into customers?  Jennifer Willey shares five proven steps you can take to accelerate your close rate in this piece. 

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