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Jennifer Willey Keynote Speaker Profile
Wet Cement

Jennifer Willey Keynote Speaker Profile

Meet Jenn Willey

Jennifer Willey does more than just inspire when she speaks--she changes behaviors with well-researched insights and clear strategies that help others overcome fear and achieve their potential. Her wealth of experience on-air, on stage and on task as an entrepreneur and C-Suite executive ensures she will own the room with a unique, dynamic keynote that delivers actionable "a-ha" moments her audience will be anxious to apply.


Jenn customizes her material to meet your business goals and align with your event theme.  Every talk integrates findings from Wet Cement’s proprietary Fearlessness at Work Survey, academic research insights, relevant material and lessons learned from Jenn’s professional career journey.  Attendees will walk away with a renewed sense of purpose, a more “fearless” perspective and proven techniques to power growth for themselves and their companies.


Jenn is a member of the National Speaker's Association, national and New York City chapters. She is also an eSpeakers certified Virtual Presenter. Jenn speaks on a range of topics across Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Self-Leadership. Learn more about her signature talks below.

Jenn Willey on stage

Jenn Willey is a preferred speaker of International Women's Day.

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Jenn's Bio

Founder & CEO, Wet Cement

Jennifer Willey helps others conquer fear to drive growth.  She shifts mindsets and behaviors through inspirational stories of her unique career journey, coupled with research insights.  As Founder of Wet Cement, Jenn is proud to be one of only 50 U.S. CEOs leading a Disability-Owned and Woman-Owned certified business. 

Jenn shares her mistakes, challenges, and lessons learned to inspire and provide actionable strategies for her audiences.  Her career started at the age of eight as a child actor. She became certified as one of the nation's youngest Fitness Professionals, graduated to TV news anchor by 21, and then spent the next two decades leading sales, strategy and marketing at tech and media companies.  Now as an entrepreneur, she’s built a new kind of mission-driven business empowering others to achieve their potential by developing the ‘Fearless Fundamentals’—Confidence, Communication, Connections, Control, and Culture.

Fueled by purpose and her own professional experience, Jennifer is committed to advancing inclusivity and gender equity. She created Wet Cement's gender equality practice, Advance Women at Work™ to design empowerment programs for women and modern leadership training for male executives. Jennifer is the first-ever Innovation and Inclusivity Advisor to Comexposium Japan and she is the Gender Equality Advisor for the DPAA as well as co-creator of its Women's Leadership Initiative, WE.DOOH.  Her volunteer efforts are aligned with this mission; she contributes company time and profit to Jenn was recently awarded the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber’s Women of Achievement for 2023.

Jennifer has a B.S. in Communications from Cornell University and a Diversity & Inclusion Certification from eCornell. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two sons.

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Signature Talks

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Advance Women At Work: Women's Empowerment

Intended Audience: Female professionals

Did you know that four out of five male leaders say a lack of confidence is the biggest barrier holding back women from climbing the corporate ladder? Or that men hold more than 80% of leadership roles, partially because they approach networking and mentorship differently than women do? Or that women are interrupted 3x more than men at work?  Informed by original research, Advance Women At Work offers inspiring and actionable content to help women be more fearless at work and in life. This keynote empowers the women (and men!) in your organization to become more effective leaders and create a collaborative culture. We focus on five key pillars--Confidence, Communication, Control, Connections and Courage--while combining data and insights across assertive language, personal development and business networking.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of what’s holding them back and strategies to overcome personal roadblocks

  • More confidence in their strengths and abilities, and a plan for developing skills they need to fulfill their mission  

  • Ways to communicate more assertively to enhance credibility and effectiveness

  • A roadmap to advance their careers by developing a Personal Board of Directors

  • Additional strategies to transform their professional growth and personal relationships

Advance Women At Work logo

Learn more about our signature Advance Women At Work program here.  Additional details on Advance Women At Work Japan are available here. 

Allyship & The Modern Male Leader:
How to Build a Culture of Inclusion and Empowerment 

Intended Audience: Male professionals and leaders

Cultivating an inclusive culture is a top priority for ‘modern leaders,’ but it is easier said than done.  Sexual harassment and unconscious bias training are just the first steps in creating an organization where everyone can thrive equally.  Male executives and managers are expected to build collaborative cultures that drive innovation, engagement, loyalty, and the bottom line, but they aren’t given a playbook on how to make that happen.  Until now.


In this helpful, supportive, and non-judgmental program, we provide 'the good guys' with an insider’s look at the top growth barriers for women, the science behind it, and what they can and should do, to achieve gender equity. We help the men in your organization tackle the necessary attitudinal, operational, and behavioral changes, including topics like non-promotable work, the double bind, the broken rung, microaggressions, and meeting interruptions, among others. Your team will learn new strategies to help female reports and colleagues be more empowered and effective while promoting an inclusive culture.

Attendees will leave with:

  • Knowledge of the top factors holding women back from achieving their potential and what they can do about it

  • A better understanding of the Gender Issue Spectrum--from harassment to microaggressions

  • A plan to shift how they operate across key leadership functions including talent recruitment, pay and promotion equity, culture and team dynamics

  • Simple methods to create a psychologically safe environment and encourage collaboration