Jennifer Willey does more than just inspire when she speaks--she changes behaviors with well-researched insights and clear strategies that help others overcome fear and achieve their potential. Her wealth of experience on-air, on stage and on task as an entrepreneur and C-Suite executive ensures she will own the room with a unique, memorable keynote that delivers actionable "a-ha" moments her audience will be anxious to apply. Jenn speaks on a range of topics across Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Leadership. Click through below to learn more about her signature talks and training expertise.

To book Jenn as a Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Interviewer or Expert Panelist at your next event, please call 917-334-3653 or email us.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


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Member of the National Speaker's Association and the NYC Chapter of NSA.

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Christine Mari Hori, Marketing Manager

"Jenn's presentation was compelling and an eye-opener for our summit audience.  Gender equity is an important theme for Japan but its penetration into the working force will still take time. With astonishing data and a great presentation style, we are delighted that Jenn was able to join us."

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Katherine Panessidi,

VP Event Programming

"Jenn's flexible and open to a collaborative approach to creating content that best suits the needs of various end-users. I’ve brought her on for a few projects with different goals, audiences and desired outcomes and she’s come to the table with wonderful, fresh ideas for each. The attendees of my events have found her content valuable, and I can attest that she’s a wonderful presenter. I highly recommend her!"


Manya Dotson,

CEO M*Power

“Jennifer is a top-notch speaker—polished, engaging and so much fun. She took our group through a set of activities that created a practical roadmap for fearlessness. If you get a chance to work with Jennifer DO IT. She’s a powerhouse and worth every dime!"