NAICS codes: 611430, 541612, 541611, 611699


Jenn helped women create a Board Plan composed of advocates, allies, mentors and peer mentors who can help advance their mission and support their career goals.  

Jenn helped women create a Board Plan composed of advocates, allies, mentors and peer mentors who can help advance their mission and support their career goals.  

DPAA WE.DOOH Women's Empowerment Initiative I Workshop Trainer

Evict the Imposter--Confidence Bootcamp: New York (October 2019)

Jenn recognizes Imposter Syndrome as a primary impediment to a woman's success and shares strategies how to overcome it.

Berlin Cameron "From Workplace to Safe Space" Conference I Workshop Trainer

What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say: New York (September 2019)

Jenn reviews how empathy in the workplace can help enhance social connections and build a stronger, more inclusive culture.

New York State Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference I Speaker

Global Trends for Transformative Cultures: New York (September 2019)

Jennifer's keynote to Human Resource professionals provided strategies to help them build inclusive cultures united by purpose. 

Viacom Workshop in Partnership with She Runs It I Trainer

The Confident Communicator: New York (September 2019)

Jennifer Willey led a workshop for Viacom female employees to help improve their communication skills and overcome Imposter Syndrome. 

Guggenheim Partners I Keynote Speaker

The Confident Communicator: New York (June 2019)

Jennifer helped attendees learn how to be modern presenters who inspire, educate and drive action with their audience.

Start Up World Cup 2019 I Keynote Speaker

The Confident Communicator: California (May 2019)

Jennifer Willey's keynote helped entrepreneurs become modern presenters who exude confidence and executive presence.

Brand Summit Japan | Keynote Speaker

Global Trends for Transformational Leadership: Okinawa, Japan (March 2019)

Jennifer Willey's keynote on Transformative Leadership helped Japanese companies understand how to maintain a competitive edge in the global economy. 

Walmart e-Commerce International Women's Day Event | Keynote Speaker

Bare Necessities: New Jersey (March 2019)

Wet Cement CEO Jennifer Willey shared strategies to drive professional growth and personal relationships for Bare Necessities and Walmart employees. 

Johnson & Johnson Women's Leadership Initiative | Keynote Speaker & Trainer

International Women's Day Program: Skillman, New Jersey (March 2019)

Jennifer Willey delivered a Confident Communicator keynote as part of Johnson & Johnson's International Women's Day event. The keynote was followed by a half-day workshop, custom-designed based on survey input from J&J employees. 

Bell Works' International Women's Day Event | Keynote Speaker

Holmdel, New Jersey (March 2019)

Jennifer Willey led an interactive keynote on Gender Equality and how women can advance their careers through strategic networking. 

Impact 100 Evening of Inspiration with NJ's Lt. Governor | Interviewer/Moderator

Bell Works: Holmdel, New Jersey (March 2019)

Jennifer interviewed New Jersey's Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver for Impact 100 Jersey Coast's first-ever "Evening of Inspiration" event. The in-depth interview covered topics from confidence and courage to making an impact in your community, and left the audience empowered to 'Speak Up, Stand Up, Act Up.'

The Room Summit | Keynote Speaker

Evicting The Impostor Keynote: Miami, FL (February 2019)

Jennifer delivered a compelling keynote on Impostor Syndrome to hundreds of top marketers and executives at the first-ever The Room VIP Summit. 

Excellence Personified Podcast | Featured Guest

National Speakers Association, NYC Chapter (January 2019)

Jennifer was a featured guest for the NYC Chapter podcast focused on Keynote Speakers who are making a positive impact in the world.   

Ad Tech Tokyo | Keynote Speaker

Tokyo, Japan (October 2018)

Wet Cement CEO Jennifer Willey addressed 1,600 attendees to highlight the importance of advancing women in their Japanese companies. 

Ad Tech Tokyo | Sponsored Speaker

Modern Marketing to Today's Woman, Tokyo, Japan (October 2018)

Jennifer's session focused on how Japanese companies can tailor their marketing message to appeal to today's modern woman. 

Consciousness Economy: The Woman’s Purpose Retreat ​| Speaker

The Future is Female, Atlanta, GA (September 2018)

Jennifer shared strategies on how to empower each other in "the Age of Purpose."

iMedia Summit Japan | Keynote Speaker

Kagoshima, Japan (July 2018)

Jennifer's keynote to Japanese leaders focused on confident communications and promoting personal development across their teams

InvolveHim | Workshop Creator and Trainer

Chicago, IL (June 2018)

Jennifer created and delivered a workshop series for male business leaders focused on equality for women in the workplace. The series was powered by EvolveHer, Wet Cement and B2 Advisors.

Rent The Runway: Project Entrepreneur | Pitch and Communications Trainer

New York, NY (April 2018)

Jennifer helped female entrepreneurs nail their pitch to win the hearts and wallets of potential investors.  

iMedia Brand Summit | Presenter

Bonita Springs, FL (February 2018)

Jennifer delivered iMedia's first-ever Gender Equity presentation to all the male conference attendees.  

Connected Health Conference | Speaker and Panelist

Creating Consumer Engagement, Boston, MA (2017)

Jennifer provided insights into consumer mindsets, technologies and business models that drive growth.  

Rent The Runway: Project Entrepreneur | Expert Sales Trainer

New York, NY (2017)

Jennifer created and delivered an original training program for rising female Entrepreneurs entitled "Sales for the Non-Sales Executive." 

University of Pennsylvania at Wharton | Presenter

​Philadelphia, PA  (2017)

Jennifer was a guest speaker for Today’s Consumer Health Path-to-Purchase and Self-Care.

Reimagine Aging Conference | Keynote Speaker and Panelist

Minnetonka, MN  (2017)

Jennifer presented her expert perspective on the landscape of available technologies supporting and enhancing the lives of older adults today.

LeadingAge: Presenter / Trainer

Orlando, FL  (2017)

Jennifer created and delivered a Continuing Education training session on how Senior Living Leaders can leverage innovative technology to support health and wellness. 

Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Roundtable | Presenter

Las Vegas, NV (2017)

Jennifer presented insights into the Shifting OTC Buyer and Trends in E-Commerce for the GSK and PHD Leadership Teams.

Consumer Healthcare Products Association | Presenter

Webinar (2016)

Jennifer spoke on the Consumer Path-to-Purchase and how to leverage original WebMD Market Research and Kantar Shopcom Data.   

Google Health and Wellness Innovation Summit | Presenter and Panelist

New York, NY  (2016)

Jennifer's presentation shared the impact of data and devices on the Doctor/Patient Relationship and today's health and wellness consumer's path-to-purchase. She also participated on a panel with Google's Managing Director of Healthcare, Ryan Olohan, and Walgreen's VP of Digital Health, Greg Orr.

Kantar Retail:  Annual Health and Wellness Forum | Presenter

Newark, NJ (2016)

Jennifer shared insights into today's health and wellness consumer and strategies how brands can best engage them to build customer loyalty.  

Pfizer Global Public Policy Forum | Presenter and Panelist

New York, NY (2016)

Jennifer presented Health and Wellness Consumer Insights, courtesy of WebMD Market Research. She also participated in a panel with Microsoft's Phil Eng and IRI's Robert Sanders. 

Consumer Healthcare Products Association Annual Conference | Main Stage Presenter

Today’s Self-Care Consumer Journey, Orlando, FL (2015)

Jennifer spoke to how innovative brands/retailers are leveraging shopper data and content to transform customer relationships.  

Hospital Marketing National Annual Conference | Presenter

Atlanta, GA (2016)

Jennifer presented original Path-to-Care Insights on the Patient Journey, leveraging WebMD Market Research.

Kantar Retail:  Health and Wellness Leader Sharegroup |  Presenter

Newark, NJ (2016)

Jennifer's presentation focused on Generational Shifts and Healthcare Today.

Hospital Marketing National Annual Conference | Host and Presenter

San Diego, CA (2016)

Jennifer was Host and Presenter for the National Awards Show. 

University of Pennsylvania at Wharton | Presenter

Philadelphia, PA  (2015)

Jennifer spoke on Innovative Approaches to Integrated Marketing. She was also a judge for Annual Marketing Presentations on new health and wellness technologies and commerce platforms.

ePharma Annual Conference | Presenter

New York, NY  (2014)

Jennifer led a session on Data-Driven Patient Segmentation and Education Insights.

Digital Pharma West Conference | Presenter

San Francisco, CA (2013)

Jennifer presented: Innovation in Pharma-Safe Digital Patient Engagement.

DTC National Conference | Presenter

Parsippany, NJ (2011)

Jennifer spoke to how DTC pharmaceutical marketers and brands can leverage 'safe-social media' to engage patients.  

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