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Fearless in 5: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you were a fraud or a fake or you were going to be found out that you’re not as good or as smart as everyone thinks you are? If you do feel this way you aren’t alone. It’s called Imposter Syndrome. And in fact, it can set you back professionally and personally. That’s why in this Fearless in 5, we’ll talk about the five things you can do to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

  1. Stop being a superhero all the time. You might feel like you’re a fake or a phony because you believe that everybody else is great at everything and that you’re not. That’s why you have to stay later and work harder than everybody else. But we’re all human and that’s why you have to give yourself a break.

  2. Put an end to being a perfectionist. You don’t need to give yourself a 100% or an A+ on all of the work that you do. In fact, it’s that level of effort that can burn out those people around you including yourself. Stop micromanaging your team and think about how you can delegate more. Get started when you feel work is at 80% rather than waiting until it’s 100%. Just know that there is more work to do and you can iterate to make it better and stronger.

  3. Don’t do it all alone. For those of us who feel Imposter Syndrome, sometimes we believe that if we ask for help, we’ll be found out. But the reality is people love helping each other. In fact, there are more people who die every year by drowning trying to save a stranger than getting eaten by a shark. So when you need some help ask for it.

  4. Stop telling yourself that you aren’t enough...that you need to be a little bit older or you need that certification or you need a specific level of expertise before you can get to the next level. We tend to self-sabotage and imagine that there is some level that we need to move our way up. Stop being the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz and believing that you need a Certificate of Thinkology before you can have a brain. Take that leap and go for it.

  5. Catalog your achievements and celebrate all that you’ve done. Don’t just focus on the big things. It’s every little step that’s giving you positive momentum along the way. And then take some time each week to take a look at what you’ve captured. I promise you it will give you some pep in your step. According to the American Psychological Association the first step in getting over Imposter Syndrome is knowing that you’re not alone. So here you are. You’re already on your way.

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