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Fearless in 5: How to Ensure Your Voice is Heard

Have you ever stopped yourself from sharing a great idea or your unique perspective because you thought “Who am I to say so?” or worried that you’ll be judged?  If so, you are not alone… especially if you are a woman. But we need to stop censoring ourselves and share our creativity, brilliance, and problem-solving capabilities with the world. That’s why in this Fearless in 5, we will share 5 things you can do to have your voice heard.

#1 Let’s Take Social Media by Storm

Don’t just like and comment on other people’s posts, but instead post your own valuable ideas and contributions because they can start conversations and hear your voice at the same time. Aim to do it at least 1x per week and make sure that you’re engaging, tagging and responding to your network.   

#2 Let's Amplify Voices of Women You Trust and Admire

Have conversations on Zoom and talk about game-changing topics. Then share snippets of that on social media, tag your friends and it will start to change the conversation.

#3 Throw Your Hat in the Ring to Speak Anywhere

It can be at a company meeting, town hall, or on a panel. You can also check out the “Call for Speakers” at conferences that you’d like to attend and where you have a viewpoint to share. Then pitch yourself to either lead a presentation or a breakout session. You never know…what you say might inspire others.

#4 Overcome Your Own Barriers

You may not think that what you have to share is important…but it is. And if you’re not doing it for yourself, do it for those women who look up to you. Whether it’s your daughter, your niece, your younger colleague, or your mentee.

#5 Be Authentically You and Learn Along the Way

Your unique perspective has value. You don’t have to be anybody else. If you’re goofy, be goofy. But if what you do bombs, don’t ruminate on it. Don’t let it deter you.  Learn from it and move on.

Remember, your voice is essential. Let’s start to fear less and hear more diverse voices in the year ahead. For more tips on what you can do to fear less at work and in life, check out

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