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Lisa Bull

VP Integrated Marketing, Paramount

“I love everything that Wet Cement is doing to provide resources and tools to empower women in the workforce.  I had the pleasure of working with Jenn and the Wet Cement team on a workshop for the Viacom Women’s Employee Resource Group. Jenn provided a dynamic, interactive and engaging workshop around the theme of Imposter Syndrome. The workshop had a profound impact on the attendees and provided insight and strategies to manage and overcome Imposter Syndrome. I look forward to working with Wet Cement again to curate some new workshops in 2021.”


Allison Sanjuanelo

Senior Manager, Samsung

"A successful, confident and resilient woman open to empowering and guiding other women, Jenn is an inspiration I hope to replicate and pass on as well."

DPAA logo

Barry Frey

President & CEO, DPAA

"Jennifer has helped us build and deploy a world-class Women's Empowerment program that has provided tremendous value and community for our 150 member companies around the world.  She helps us across so many areas--from creating insightful, engaging and inspiring in-person and virtual workshops to building content and communications plus helping lead the strategy.  We've enjoyed having Jenn as an extension of our team for the past 2 years and we look forward to continuing our impact together across the marketing and media world."

Salix Pharmaceuticals logo

Karen Paff

Director Communications,

Salix Pharmaceuticals

"Our company asked Jenn to host workshops at its annual women’s leadership network event.  I was blown away by the content, mainly because of the thought process behind it.  Jenn was engaging, interactive and educational in her presentation. Her topics were relevant and helpful to supporting advancement of the key leaders. That’s not just my feedback; some of that language is pulled directly from our post-event survey.  Jenn made a difference in our lives which is why I can’t speak highly enough of her."

Government Finance Officers of New Jersey logo

Mary Jones-Schaming

Assistant Director of Operations at County of Morris

“Jenn hosted a half-day virtual conference for the NJ GFOA annual Women at Work event.  Her presentation provided valuable information that allowed the attendees to walk away with actionable steps to overcome imposter syndrome, improve communication, and build a personal board of directors.  I highly recommend Jenn and her team and hope to collaborate with them again in the future.”

Kamehameha School logo

Winona White

Vice President Human Resources, Kamehameha Schools

“It was totally worth the time and expense to fly here to Florida from Oahu just to participate in the Wet Cement workshop.  I love the Hero’s Journey as a model and approach to storytelling. I’ve been looking for an approach for many years to use and mentor in my leadership team. Jennifer Willey was a masterful and inspirational facilitator of this workshop."

WEGO Health logo

Jack Barrette

CEO, WeGo Health

"The WEGO Health team is still raving about your half-day session with us. Thanks for taking the time to understand our needs and to make your training the most impactful we've ever had; our team now has a shared language and strategic, customer-centric approach that is changing how we work with our clients and agencies. Our initial workshop was so valuable that my sales and account teams found budget to have Wet Cement continue working as an extension of the WEGO Health team, providing ongoing sales and communications coaching to all of our customer-facing teams. What they appreciate most is that every session is customized and designed based on our team and business needs--this is definitely not like a boiler-plate training program.”

Ocean Spray Logo

Maia Cody

Global Customer Operations,

Ocean Spray

"[Jennifer Willey] is a gifted presenter and a powerful role model for all professional women."

WEGO Health logo

Laurel Netolicky

VP Business Development,

WEGO Health

"Jenn’s mentoring and strategic approach to client services and business development has been instrumental to improving the effectiveness of our organization.  Both our sales team and client services team are taking a well thought out, strategic approach to every proposal, report, kick-off deck and really any presentation that’s being presented to our clients.  Additionally, she has shifted the focus of our teams to think big picture, how can we help solve our client’s challenges and weave into their overall consumer plan.  This approach is proving to strengthen our client relationships and trust as well as result in larger contracts."

Evoke Kyne logo

Maureen Byrne

EVP & General Manager, Evoke KYNE

"Jenn has made a big impact on our work at KYNE. Her training sessions with me and my colleagues in advance of big presentations have been instrumental in helping us to focus our ideas, sync-up as a team and increase our presentation effectiveness, clarity and persuasiveness! Thank you Jenn for these collaborative, fun and powerful sessions – looking forward to more in the year ahead!"

genentech_logo small_edited.jpg

Virginia Solis

Sr. Manager of Strategic Partnerships & Engagement Programs, Genentech

"My experience with Wet Cement was nothing short of wonderful. Jenn was highly collaborative, provided thoughtful feedback and recommendations, and remained in close connection during our project. I always felt like a priority with Jenn, and I look forward to exploring future partnership opportunities with her."

ebay logo

Jennifer Reilly

Senior Brand Partner, ebay

“The Sales Training I have been a part of with Wet Cement is above and beyond what I expected! I have done many sales trainings during my 13-year career in Digital Ad Sales and NONE have taught me what I have learned from CEO, Jenn Willey. She has an extensive understanding, and great level of experience in the space, which provides a realistic approach to the business. There is no fluff, only guidance and coaching on proper techniques, winning strategies, dedicated help on skills to fine-tune and how to leverage your strengths. I have been personally challenged and see week over week growth in how I am applying her coaching and look forward to the results I will see this have on my career.”

Medline logo

Amanda Nerwin

VP Product Management,


"Wet Cement facilitated Medline’s first annual Women’s Advancement Summit where we held a 2-part workshop to address topics that were relevant to our Women’s Employee Resource Group; Imposter Syndrome and self-advocacy.  Across two days, these workshops inspired, motivated, and gave tools to our group that they could put into place to advance in their career and personally.  Wet Cement also helped us with surveys and communication to our group to truly customize the content to what our team needed.  We are already planning our next set of workshops with the Wet Cement group and are grateful for the partnership.”

TED logo

Francine Karamalegos Conway

Producer and Audience Engagement Manager, TED Conferences

"WOW, what a spectacular SheSession you gave tonight! Your confidence is brilliant and the content was so aligned with my (our) journey. Very captivating presentation too. Really cannot say enough good things about it--enjoyed hearing from you. Thank you for your time. and dedication!"

Walmart logo

Jeff Muench

Senior Director for Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Acceleration, Walmart

"Jenn was a tremendous strategic partner to the Walmart healthcare marketing team.  She and her team aggressively engaged as true strategic partners becoming an extension of our team.  Jenn employed her results-oriented, dynamic & collaborative style to engage all participants and develop exciting win-win-win-win ideas. She brought innovative solutions only after fully understanding our needs and challenges. Jenn analyzed and communicated complex concepts, implications, and strategic solutions aligned with our strategy for effective and efficient plans. I most appreciated Jenn’s innovative ability.  She creatively and passionately answered the challenge to push the envelope driving our business while deepening customer relationships in new ways.  I look forward to our next opportunity to collaborate."

Lending Tree logo

Josh Palau

SVP Growth Marketing and Media, Lending Tree

"I highly recommend Wet Cement’s programs; they will change the mindsets, actions and culture of your teams.“

DPAA logo

Debbie Drutz

Board Member, DPAA

“Jennifer has been instrumental in creating an inclusive community where all voices are heard and encouraged. She’s taken the females in our industry and has provided tools and support to educate, empower and foster critical dialogue that will create the female leaders of tomorrow."

iMedia Summit Japan logo

Christine Mari Hori

Marketing Manager, iMedia Summit Japan (Comexposium)

"Jenn's presentation was compelling and an eye-opener for our summit audience.  Gender equity is an important theme for Japan but it's penetration into the working force will take time. With astonishing data and a great presentation style, we are delighted Jenn was able to join us."

Raising Hope logo

Amy Summers

Leader of Raising HOPE,

United Way of Ulster County

"What a pleasure it was to host Jennifer Willey’s Impostor Syndrome Workshop for our Raising HOPE Mentees & Mentors. The theme of self doubt or fear of failure despite being competent and talented in their field of expertise is a challenge that can interfere with success when left unchecked.  Jennifer offered tangible ways to identify these triggers and how to best deflate your inner defeatist and replace that voice with a more supportive narrative. Our program participants were engaged by the topic and Jenn’s enthusiastic style of facilitation. I recommend this workshop.”

Reimagine Aging Logo

Deb Taylor

CEO, Reimagine Aging Institute

"Jennifer was a fantastic keynote for our Reimagine Aging Conference this fall and framed our theme of Technology for Independent Living perfectly. She brought forward evidence from research and market trends, and insights from the cutting edge, about aging and the broad range of technologies that support older adults. Jennifer connected with our audience through her storytelling. We received countless compliments about her presentation from attendees and other presenters. Most importantly, she had our attendees reimagining aging!"

iCIMS logo

Nicole Tucker

Manager Talent Acquisition, iCIMS

"Thank you for delivering such an impassioned presentation, Jennifer! It was a pleasure to be in the audience learning about various case studies and personal stories focused on elevating inclusion in the workforce."

Wesco logo_edited.jpg

LaTisha Perry

Strategic Account Manager & Women’s Impact Network Professional Development Lead,


Jennifer was a wonderful, upbeat keynote speaker for our International Women’s Day celebration. She brought forth a factual, relatable and actionable speech that inspired our employees to reflect and embrace equity. We were impressed with Jennifer’s professionalism and enthusiasm from our first point of contact. This was a 10 out of 10 experience and we would highly recommend her!”


Tracy Freno

Senior Manager of Customer Service, Bare Necessities

"It was a privilege for Bare Necessities to have the opportunity to learn from you and be inspired to EMBRACE EQUITY!  All of those who participated in the event relayed how grateful they were to have attended, and how much they truly enjoyed being a part of such a special day!"

Evoke Kyne logo

David Kyne

Group President Communications, Evoke KYNE

“I wouldn’t risk pitching any new clients without Wet Cement helping prepare us to win.”

Johnson and Johnson logo

Patricia Golas

R&D Leader, Johnson & Johnson

"The Women’s Leadership & Inclusion group at Johnson & Johnson was fortunate to host Jenn on International Women’s Day 2019. Jenn and I worked together to learn what specific areas the women of the Skillman community needed to focus on the most.  I was impressed at how Jenn structured this event to be both inspirational and highly actionable. All participants walked away with clear and tangible strategies for communicating more confidently, strategically building our Personal Board of Directors, tackling Imposter Syndrome, and advocating for ourselves. Working with Jenn has been a pleasure, and I am looking forward to future engagements with her Wet Cement team!"

Meadow and Bark logo

Marisa Russell

CEO, Meadow and Bark

"Wet Cement is a powerhouse of knowledge, support and motivation.”

Nissan logo

Judy Wheeler

Divisional Vice President,

Nissan Sales and Regional Operations

"The Nissan Women’s Business Synergy Team (ERG) invited Jenn to lead her presentation on “Building Your Brand.”  We were so impressed with the content and engaging manner in which she lead our group through key interactive elements. She armed each of us with actionable tactics and strategies to help elevate our own personal and professional brand and become “fearless” leaders. The proof is in the feedback; our attendees had extremely positive things to say about Jenn. We highly recommend Jenn to anyone searching for a passionate and professional keynote presenter."

What to Expect logo

Gina D'Andrea

SVP Sales, What to Expect

"We’re still coming off of the high of what was an amazing session. You delivered exactly what we needed and we couldn’t be happier."

Kantar Retail logo

Brian Owens

Vice President, Kantar Retail

“Jenn embodies professionalism, partnership and class in every way. I was privileged to work with her in the Kantar Retail Health & Wellness Sharegroup with clients such as J&J, Pepsi-co, Pharmavite and Kantar Health. Her ability to articulate the patient-to-shopper connected journey and provide actionable insights made her invaluable to the sharegroup. Jenn is also an amazing public speaker, who has spoken at many industry events, including Kantar Retail's Drug Channel Workshop. Lastly, Jenn is simply a good person which is rare to find in today's corporate America. She is "people first" and always makes herself available to rising women who are seeking mentorship.”

IGI logo

Mays Sharaan

Assistant Claims Adjuster, IGI

"With the assistance and coaching of the webinar lecturers, I was able to come up with a strategy that allowed me to control my anxiety related to Imposter Syndrome. It is impossible to summarize all of the knowledge that I have acquired from the webinars and women's empowerment sessions within Career Excel. However, I strongly recommend you take up these sessions to expand your horizon and reach your full potential, professionally and personally."

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