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World-Class Professional Development Training 
Empowering Women To Be Fearless At Work and In Life

Career Excel Helps Women:
  • Create an achievable roadmap for career advancement
  • Gain recognition as leaders in their organizations, and
  • Find balance in their personal and professional lives
Convenient, Flexible and Affordable  
Career Excel is a 12-week e-learning program delivered online. Each week participants complete one or two “Insights-to-Action” Masterclasses, coupled with exercises supported by downloadable training worksheets to apply what they’ve learned. A weekly, interactive group coaching/Q&A session supplements course material and relates skill development to real workplace challenges. In addition, women can connect with like-minded female professionals through the Career Excel global network.
A Value-Packed Program Designed by Women for Women
Backed by principles of psychology and neuroscience, Career Excel was created by two successful career women who combined their 35 years of coaching, training and business experience with the latest research to help women achieve their professional goals. Author of “Her Way to the Top” and ICF Accredited Coach, Hira Ali, and C-Level Business Leader, Gender Equality Advisor and TV Personality, Jennifer Willey, co-developed Career Excel to address the underlying challenges and personal barriers that typically hold women back at work more so than men. The WHY behind the program is also driven by statistics like these. Women of every age and at all stages of their career will build confidence, develop existing skills and learn new ones in online masterclasses dedicated to:
  • Confidence
  • Self-Leadership
  • Developing a Personal Brand
  • Public Speaking and Modern Presenting
  • Networking
  • Effective Body Language
  • Organization for Peak Performance
  • Managing Interruptions
  • Stress Management
  • Assertive Communications
  • Managing Impostor Syndrome, FOMO and Perfectionism
  • and more!
To discover how Career Excel can help develop the female talent in your organization, visit or email us
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