As we adapt to working from home (or not working at all), homeschooling, social distancing and coping with our new reality, connecting and collaborating are more critical than ever.  To support our friends and partners amid the uncertainty, Wet Cement has created a safe virtual space for us to come together and share, laugh and learn how to overcome the new challenges we face as a global community.  


The goal of our weekly Water Cooler Virtual Events is to keep everyone "Calm, Cool and Connected."  These gatherings are an opportunity for us to be empowered as a pack--to be authentic and vulnerable, to cry or laugh, in sweats or a business suit. The choice is yours--it's a judgement-free zone!

We hope you'll join us for our next event by registering here.

What have we learned?

  • Mental health and managing family are at the top of everyone's concerns right now, while work is less of a priority.  

  • People are looking for ways to find happiness and laugh again. 

  • We are stronger together!


What do we recommend?

  • Show your humanity to your team FIRST.  Support them as people (not only as a newly remote workforce).  Ask how they are coping and caring for loved ones and themselves.  Explore what self-care activities they are pursuing and encourage them to focus on a healthy mindset. If a dedicated partner could make a difference, let's talk about scheduling one or a series of Wet Cement-led "Water Coolers" for your own team. 

  • As your team works through this challenging new normal, training and development can be ideal "lifelines" to hone their focus, build their skill set and empower them for a stronger tomorrow.  When the time is right, know that Wet Cement is an experienced online training leader that offers turnkey virtual programs designed for distance group learning and personal coachingContact us to schedule a free consultation.


Mark Your Calendar: 

Join us Thursday, May 7th  by registering here -or- if the Zoom room is 'filled,' please join in on Facebook Live at