We are leaders in workforce development programs that help empower and unite teams. When you partner with Wet Cement, you benefit from: 

Integrated Programming:  We are combine training, consulting and 1:1 coaching to create a holistic strategy addressing your specific development needs.

A Curriculum Grounded in Research:  We integrate proprietary research led by Wharton behavioral scientists with insights from academic studies focused on neuroscience, psychology and organizational behavior. 

Experience:  Wet Cement CEO Jennifer Willey leverages 25 years of business and communications acumen to inform every program.  As a previous TV news anchor, she knows how to employ storytelling and presence to drive engagement. As a Global Keynote Speaker, Jenn uses her platform to inspire and spark behavior change for her audience. 
An Insights-to-Action Approach:  Our training programs include interactive exercises and deep self-analysis so participants practice new strategies together before confidently applying them to your business. Attendees don’t just show up and listen; we lead working sessions that provide actionable takeaways. 

Customized Content:  Our programs are informed by an initial assessment of your team’s skillset, challenges and needs. We use those insights to craft an integrated solution, custom-designed to meet your goals and maximize growth.

Flexible, Virtual Solutions:  We train in every duration and format: live, in-person, via video conference, and webinar. 

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Diversity, Equity

& Inclusion

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Business Skills:
Sales, Negotiation & Communication


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

"Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is like a complex mathematical equation; we need to address all the variables to find the right solution. That's why we are committed to developing purpose-driven leaders, modern male managers, empowered, confident women and collaborative cultures that help everyone achieve their potential."
- Jennifer Willey, Wet Cement CEO

Advance Women At Work: Women's Leadership & Empowerment

Intended Audience: Customizable for entry-level female professionals to senior executives

Women and men approach workplace challenges differently which may hold them back from achieving their potential.  Whether it is negotiating, advocating for themselves, navigating the double bind of empathy and assertiveness or withholding their most creative and unique ideas, recognizing and developing strategies to overcome these self-sabotaging behaviors can be transformative for rising female leaders.  When you help women navigate their internal roadblocks and external barriers—i.e. women are interrupted three times more than men at work--you achieve measurable and meaningful change.


Informed by original research and delivered via an applied-learning format, Advance Women At Work offers inspiring and actionable content to help women be more fearless at work and in life. This workshop empowers the women in your organization to become more effective leaders who can help build productive, collaborative cultures.  Our custom-designed program focuses on five key pillars--Confidence, Communication, Control, Connections and Courage—and we dive deepest into those areas attendees identify as their biggest challenges. The value-packed curriculum combines insights, discussion and exercises across assertive language, personal development and business networking to accelerate advancement while fostering a healthy diversity that drives better business results.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of what’s holding them back and strategies to overcome personal roadblocks

  • More confidence in their strengths and abilities, and a plan for developing necessary skills to fulfill their mission  

  • Methods to communicate more assertively to enhance credibility  

  • A roadmap to advance their careers by developing a Personal Board of Directors


Learn more about our signature Advance Women At Work program and Advance Women At Work Japan

Advance Women At Work: Manager Training for Next Generation Leaders

Intended Audience: Customizable for mid to senior-level female managers and executives

In this age of transformation and disruption, leading with purpose and without fear is critical to thriving.  Female leaders are uniquely positioned to succeed given inherent feminine strengths, including EQ and social-relational skills. But they still face a myriad of internal and external barriers that hold them back from achieving their potential. Research shows they are less likely to interrupt others as they share their ideas, but they are more likely to be interrupted. Women are more prepared, yet avoid taking risks because they are afraid they are not prepared enough. They are social but less inclined than men to form strategic networking relationships. They lift each other up, but consistently struggle to advocate for themselves.


This Level II workshop explores these contrasts and offers valuable insights, skills, and alternative strategies to help attendees accelerate their success.  The training is relevant for every modern female leader, whether their purpose is to break through that glass ceiling to effect meaningful change, build their own business, or align their current company to purpose.   


Attendees will leave with: 

  • A roadmap to identify their purpose  

  • Real business examples of how world-class leaders and companies are driving innovation

  • Techniques for reducing bias and interruptions in the workplace

  • Strategies to leverage strategic alliances and relationships that help advance their mission

  • A tactical plan to apply what they’ve learned so they can inspire and lead from the inside out

Career Excel Online Professional Development Training

Intended Audience: Entry-level female professionals to senior executives

Career Excel is a 12-week e-learning program delivered online. Each week participants complete one or two “Insights-to-Action” Masterclasses, coupled with exercises supported by downloadable training worksheets to apply what they’ve learned. Backed by principles of psychology and neuroscience, Career Excel was created by two successful career women who combined their 35 years of coaching, training, and business experience with the latest research to help women achieve their professional goals. The WHY behind the program is driven by statistics like these. Women of every age and at all stages of their careers will build confidence, develop existing skills and learn new ones in courses dedicated to Self-Leadership, Networking, Public Speaking, Developing a Personal Brand, Effective Body Language Stress Management, Assertive Communications, Managing Impostor Syndrome and more.


To discover how Career Excel can develop female talent in your organization, visit 

Innovation Through Inclusivity: How to Build an Inclusive Culture 

Intended Audience: Executives, Mid-Level Management, DEI teams, and/or HR Leaders 

The race for talent and innovation is on.  As the rate of change accelerates, companies can survive and thrive by leading with purpose, embracing change, and fostering collaboration.  Millennials and Generation Z demand inclusive cultures, and research show it boosts bottom-line results. Businesses that value diverse perspectives, set a clear mission for ALL their stakeholders and offer employees a more fulfilling work/life balance will attract valuable new talent. Whether you are a business leader or HR professional, you will learn key variables in the Inclusivity Equation to design programs that grant you a competitive edge.


This program reviews the hallmarks of inclusive leaders and provides actionable strategies to cultivate a diverse and equitable culture of belonging.  We will cover free and inexpensive ways you can engage, connect and empower your talent at every level, while also looking externally to diversify your supply chain and partnerships. 

Attendees will:

  • Understand the latest research on how diverse teams are accelerating growth and returns

  • Leave with strategies to build more inclusive teams for their own companies

  • Develop a plan that traverses team communication, culture, talent acquisition, and advancement


Allyship & the Modern Male Leader: How to Build a Culture of Inclusion and Empowerment

Intended Audience: Male professionals and leaders

Cultivating an inclusive culture is a top priority for ‘modern leaders,’ but it is easier said than done.  Sexual harassment and unconscious bias training are just the first steps in creating an organization where everyone can thrive equally.  Male executives and managers are expected to build collaborative cultures that drive innovation, engagement, loyalty, and the bottom line, but they aren’t given a playbook on how to make that happen.  Until now.


In this helpful, supportive, and non-judgmental program, we provide 'the good guys' with an insider’s look at the top growth barriers for women, the science behind it, and what they can and should do, to achieve gender equity. We help the men in your organization tackle the necessary attitudinal, operational, and behavioral changes, including topics like non-promotable work, the double bind, the broken rung, microaggressions, and meeting interruptions, among others. Your team will learn new strategies to help female reports and colleagues be more empowered and effective while promoting an inclusive culture.

Attendees will leave with:

  • Knowledge of the top factors holding women back from achieving their potential and what they can do about it

  • A better understanding of the Gender Issue Spectrum--from harassment to microaggressions

  • A plan to shift how they operate across key leadership functions including talent recruitment, pay and promotion equity, culture and team dynamics

  • Simple methods to create a psychologically safe environment and encourage collaboration

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Christine Mari Hori, Marketing Manager

"Jenn's Gender Equity presentation was compelling and an eye-opener for our summit audience.  With astonishing data and a great presentation style, we are delighted that Jenn was able to join us."

Judy Wheeler, 
Divisional Vice President

"We were so impressed with the content and engaging manner in which [Jenn] lead our group through key interactive elements. She armed each of us with actionable tactics and strategies to help elevate our own personal and professional brand and become 'fearless' leaders." 

Mark Karlan, 

VP Digital Marketing

"It’s hard to say whether Jenn’s talk affected me more as a manager, or as the father of a young girl. In either case, I will be more keenly aware of the opportunities and challenges women face in the workplace."

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Evict the Impostor: How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome and Improve Confidence

Intended Audience: General

Have you ever thought of yourself as a fraud or a fake, waiting for others to ‘find out’ that you aren’t really as smart or talented as everyone thinks you are?  If you haven’t personally felt this way, your team members probably have.  Impostor Syndrome affects the majority of women at work, but men also struggle with it too.  The vast majority of professionals secretly lack confidence at work and identify with one or more Impostor Syndrome ‘competence types’—and they are hungry for strategies on how to understand and overcome their own limiting beliefs.  Imposter Syndrome holds high-performing, intelligent and creative people back from achieving their potential and can wreak havoc on team dynamics.  Those touched by the impostor wand withhold their best ideas, shy away from promotions, delay taking action, burn themselves out and compromise the team.  This workshop provides effective methods to build confidence and manage Impostor Syndrome so that together we can overcome roadblocks that prevent us from reaching our goals.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of how pervasive Impostor Syndrome is and why it matters

  • The ability to identify various Impostor Syndrome ‘competence types’

  • Strategies to improve their own mindset and behaviors

  • Methods for managing team members who suffer from low self-confidence or Impostor Syndrome


Build Your Personal Board of Directors: How to Advance at Work Through Allies and Advocates

Intended Audience: General

The relationships you forge along the road to success can have a tremendous impact on your professional growth.  Research shows that men are more likely to build sponsor and mentor relationships to help them navigate tricky political situations at work and position themselves for promotions.  All too often women are told “they should find a mentor or sponsor’ but aren’t sure where to begin or how to do this in an authentic way.  The result is that women are ‘slipping’ on the proverbial “broken rung” and not promoted at the same rate as their male colleagues.


This valuable and actionable workshop makes it easy for women to map out a plan of who can help them on their professional journey and how to build those win-win relationships.  Attendees will identify the critical role sponsors, mentors, peer thought partners, allies, and protégées play in supporting their careers.  Participants recognize their personal career growth needs, learn the value that each member of a personal board can provide, and build a network of trusted partners who will share a vested interest in their future.   

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of how a personal Board of Directors can help them meet their career goals

  • A clear view of their top developmental priorities and the ‘gifts they have to give to mentor others

  • A roadmap of how to identify each type of board member and the role he/she plays

  • Strategies to help them approach potential advocates and win their support  


Network Like a Natural: How to Build Connections and Thought Leadership  

Intended Audience: General audience

If you would rather have a root canal than attend a networking event, you’re missing out on critical opportunities to identify allies, build your personal brand and connect with potential customers/clients and seasoned executives who can help accelerate your career.  Are you afraid of selling yourself, seeming inauthentic, or facing rejection?  Do you struggle with conversation starters?  If so, this workshop is designed for you.


We begin by shedding the fear--breaking down the barriers that foster discomfort, anxiety, and insecurity.  Next, we review actionable strategies to overcome those roadblocks and make it easy to unleash the fearless networker within so you can build authentic win-win relationships based on trust, commonalities, and support.  Finally, we craft a three-pronged strategic plan that empowers participants to maximize networking opportunities at work, at industry events and conferences, and online through social media.  Even the savviest of networkers will benefit from fresh strategies to create a proactive Networking Plan that becomes a daily pursuit vs an event-specific task.  

Attendees will leave with:  

  • A purposeful Networking Plan to execute online and in-person 

  • Techniques to forge new, mutually beneficial connections and refresh existing relationships

  • Methods to engage allies and unite others to advance their mission – and have fun along the way


How to Achieve Work/Life Balance and Find Your Joy

Intended Audience: General 

Women often struggle to keep all the balls in the air—balancing work, family, busy social lives, household duties, and self-care while striving to pursue what gives us the most meaning and happiness.  With so much on our plates, it is difficult to prioritize what matters most when our “to-do” list is never-ending.  The struggle is usually magnified during the busy holiday season when women generally shoulder the majority of non-promotable work in the office and at home, including gift-giving, party planning, and hosting.


This workshop helps participants develop a plan to achieve the elusive work/life equilibrium we all aspire to.  Attendees develop their own Blue Sky Blueprint where they prioritize, formulate a strategy to say ‘no’ to low-priority demands, and explore ways to “outsource” personal needs to tip the scales in their favor. Finally, we’ll share easy-to-implement ideas on how to realize physical and emotional well-being. 


Attendees will:

  • Identify and articulate their purpose to guide priorities

  • Map out a plan to achieve true balance and fulfillment in their lives

  • Learn how to maximize their time and minimize distractions 

  • Lean on each other for support, share tips to pursue personal passions, and find time for what matters


Self-Advocacy: How to Champion Your Needs & Build Your Personal Brand  

Intended Audience: General 

Oftentimes, we are our own worst enemy instead of our own best champion.  Learning how to represent yourself so you can pursue your interests starts with knowing yourself, your needs, and your plan to fulfill those needs.  This interactive workshop helps you find and harness the power of your voice so you can develop the courage and skillset to follow your mission.  Learn how to conquer limiting beliefs and core “enemies” like distractions, detours, and derailers that compromise your progress.  Then you are free to focus on building your leadership plan and developing the personal brand that will define your success.


Attendees will:

  • Develop a personal SWOT analysis as a framework for success

  • Craft and deliver their Personal Elevator Pitch to sell themselves and network with confidence

  • Draft a Personal Business Plan focused on the benefits they deliver through their unique positioning

  • Design their Blue Sky Blueprint™ to power their purpose and achieve their goals

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Maureen Byrne


“Jenn has made a big impact on our work at Evoke KYNE. Her training sessions with my colleagues and me in advance of big presentations have been instrumental in helping us to focus our ideas, sync-up as a team and increase our presentation effectiveness, clarity and persuasiveness!” 

Business Skills:
Sales, Negotiation & Communication


Fearless Sales: Pitch To Win--Sales Communications and Coaching for Growth

Intended Audience: Sales, Business Development & Client Service professionals

Did you know that one out of four people suffers from the fear of public speaking? Even if your team is composed of fearless speakers, everyone on the front lines can benefit from learning how to polish their delivery, position your offering for success and project the confidence, power, and charisma that wins business every single time.  This workshop moves beyond the basics of verbal and non-verbal delivery training to help your team nail WHAT to say and HOW to say it.  Our Fearless Five Fundamentals method focuses on Strategy, Content, Delivery, Confidence, and Connections, so your team is prepared to tackle the next big pitch.  This signature program can integrate 1:1 coaching to supplement group training; every participant and his/her manager receives a Personal Development Plan so leaders understand how to effectively coach team members moving forward.

Attendees will:​

  • Develop verbal and non-verbal skills to engage through storytelling, metaphors, and imagery 

  • Represent your brand with renewed confidence and build a reputation for your business

  • Lead by listening to develop valuable emotional connections

  • Tap into their ‘Confidence Champions’ to sell with conviction

  • Proactively plan to captivate their audience from the moment they walk in the door through their follow-up email

Learn more about Wet Cement's signature Pitch to Win program here.

Fearless Negotiations: How to Prepare and Position Your Ask to Achieve Your Goals

Intended Audience: General 

Does ‘negotiation’ sound like a dirty word to you?  Does it make you anxious because you equate negotiating with haggling over a used car or flea market find? Have you convinced yourself you lack the skills to drive a negotiation, so you hesitate to make or accept an offer? If these questions resonate with you or your team, then this workshop can provide the strategies needed to confidently strike a deal in your best interests. Our in-depth curriculum is based on academic research, our own proprietary data and decades of experience negotiating complex, eight-figure deals.  Our 12-point Negotiation Plan empowers you to develop and deploy an insight-driven approach to maximize value and relationships, whether you apply them to contract negotiations, promotions, organizational needs or your personal life.  We address psychological barriers along with the art and science of negotiation, so you leave with fundamental skills to fearlessly pursue your desired outcome.  


Attendees will:

  • Understand their numbers before the negotiation to assess reciprocal value and gain control 

  • Frame the conversation and concessions to maximize their outcome

  • Learn how to adapt a win-win mindset where both parties achieve their objectives

  • Craft a plan to build long-term, positive relationships that increase trust and credibility


The Confident Communicator: How to Speak and Present with Power 

Intended Audience: General

The most effective, engaging communicators are masters of presence, message and delivery. This workshop develops those skills by exploring fundamental communication pitfalls and methods that help you find your voice and project it with fearlessness.  We start with mindset and confidence; by identifying the five core Impostor Syndrome competence types—the Perfectionist, the Rugged Individualist, the Expert, the Superhero and the Natural Genius—participants will understand how their own type impacts their perspective and communication style. With a stronger sense of self, attendees can then focus on their delivery. We’ll dig into the “Seven Deadly Speaking Sins” and common vocal trends to avoid, so attendees learn new techniques to elevate their message.  


Attendees will leave with:

  • Mindset and visualization techniques that build confidence for future communications 

  • Awareness of Impostor Syndrome competence types and techniques to overcome challenges 

  • Knowledge of the latest vocal trends and common “Speaking Sins” that negatively affect delivery

  • Strategies to improve verbal and non-verbal communication  

Fearless Storytelling: How to Transform Data into Stories to Persuade and Influence

Intended Audience: General

Crafting and delivering a compelling brand story is a necessary skill for today's leaders. Informed by experience in journalism, sales and marketing, our proven methodology integrates the science of storytelling with the emotion of the “Hero’s Journey.” Attendees will learn how the elements of a great story contribute to persuading, influencing and building long-term relationships of trust. This group training can be customized to address your business and growth goals. Collaborative exercises connect business objectives with prospects’ motivational drivers to create a sense of urgency. We train your team to handle objections, prepare thought-provoking questions that tailor their pitch to customer needs and priorities, and position your offering as the ideal solution to close the deal.


Attendees will leave with:

  • The ability to bring data to life to drive emotion through metaphors, analogies and imagery

  • Strategies to build a memorable story that generates new business, upsells and cross-sells clients

  • Methods to build a Questioning Strategy to uncover valuable client insights and needs

  • Confidence to sell with conviction and convert prospects into customers

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