NAICS codes: 611430, 541612, 541611, 611699


Purpose-Driven Leadership: Mission Mapping

Intended Audience: Business leaders and rising executives

In our age of transformation and disruption, leading with purpose is critical to thrive. Younger generations of employees demand meaning in their work and need alignment between their role and the larger mission. Research shows workers expect more than cash to remain loyal and energetic—they seek inspiration, flexible incentives and inclusive cultures. This keynote is relevant for every modern leader, whether your purpose is to break through that glass ceiling to effect meaningful change, build your own business, or align your current company to purpose--you will walk away with new insights, skills and methods to make you more successful starting the very next day. 


Attendees will leave with: 

  • A roadmap on how to identify their purpose--for both the company and themselves

  • Real-life examples and the latest research on how world-class leaders and companies are driving innovation

  • Strategies on how to leverage strategic alliances and relationships to advance their mission

  • A tactical plan to apply what they’ve learned to inspire and lead from the inside out

Intended Audience: General audience

The relationships you forge along the road to success can have a tremendous impact on your professional growth. This insightful and actionable keynote identifies the critical role sponsors, mentors and peer thought partners play in supporting your career. We help attendees: 1) understand the value each member of their personal board can provide and, 2) build a network of trusted partners who will share a vested interest in their future.   

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of how a personal board of directors can help them meet their career goals

  • A roadmap of how to identify each type of board member and the role he/she plays

  • Strategies to help them approach potential advocates and win their support


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Deb Taylor,


"Jennifer was a fantastic keynote for our Reimagine Aging Conference….Jennifer connected with our audience through her storytelling. We received countless compliments about her presentation from attendees and other presenters.”