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"Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is like a complex mathematical equation--we need to address all the variables to find the right solution. That's why we are committed to developing purpose-driven leaders, modern male managers, empowered, confident women and collaborative cultures that help everyone achieve their potential."

- Jennifer Willey, Wet Cement CEO

Advance Women At Work: Women's Empowerment

Intended Audience: Female professionals

Did you know that four out of five male leaders say a lack of confidence is the biggest barrier holding back women from climbing the corporate ladder? Or that more than 80% of leadership roles are held by men, partially because they approach networking, mentorship and sponsorship very differently than women do? Or that women are interrupted 3x more than men at work?


Informed by original research, Advance Women At Work offers inspiring and actionable content to help women be more fearless at work and in life. This keynote empowers the women (and men!) in your organization to become more effective leaders and create a collaborative culture. We focus on five key pillars--Confidence, Communication, Control, Connections and Courage--while combining data and insights across assertive language, personal development and business networking.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of what’s holding them back and strategies to overcome personal roadblocks

  • More confidence in their strengths and abilities, and a plan for developing skills they need to fulfill their mission  

  • Ways to communicate more assertively to enhance credibility and effectiveness

  • A roadmap to advance their careers by developing a Personal Board of Directors

  • Additional strategies to transform their professional growth and personal relationships

Learn more about our signature Advance Women At Work program here.  Additional details on Advance Women At Work Japan are available here. 

The Modern Male Leader: Building A Culture of Inclusion and Empowerment 

Intended Audience: Male professionals and leaders

In today's #metoo world, male leaders are struggling to navigate sensitive topics and build collaborative cultures that drive innovation and loyalty. In this humorous and insightful keynote, we provide 'the good guys' with an insider’s look at the top growth barriers for women, the science behind it, and what they can, and should do, to achieve Gender Equity. We help the men in your organization tackle Impostor Syndrome, meeting interruptions and assertive communications. Your team will walk away with new ways to help the women on their team be more effective, while creating an inclusive culture that accelerates business results.


Attendees will leave with:

  • Insights into the top factors holding women back from achieving their potential and how they can best overcome them

  • A better understanding of the Gender Issue Spectrum--from harassment to microaggressions

  • Know-how on identifying and overcoming Impostor Syndrome

  • Methods to mitigate women being interrupted and encourage collaborative communication

  • Simple exercises they can deploy to instill confidence in their team 

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Building Inclusive Cultures Through Employee Engagement and Empowering Behaviors

Intended Audience: HR professionals and business leaders

Inclusive cultures that value individual employees, appreciate diverse perspectives and celebrate our differences are a hallmark of today’s progressive organizations. This informative keynote addresses the latest research and input from Diversity and Inclusion Educators and business leaders across industries. Attendees will learn how to build a foundation of trust where everyone has a voice, sharing key strategies across:

  1. Empowering Behaviors: replacing microaggressions with microaffirmations, recognizing and navigating the “double bind,” counteracting unconscious bias;

  2. Cultivating Culture: creating social connections, democratizing advancement and appointing Cultural Ambassadors to engage employees;

  3. Accelerating Innovation: Developing methods to help your team own its voice and contribute creative ideas. 


Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of the three pillars of inclusive cultures

  • A roadmap of how to build a Culture of Collaboration Charter and Diversity Scorecard for their organizations

  • Insight into leadership’s role in building culture

  • Real business cases that underscore best practices that attendees can adopt for their own companies

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Innovation Through Inclusivity

Intended Audience: General audience

The race for talent and innovation is on. With the rate of change accelerating each year, the companies that will survive and thrive will lead through purpose, embrace change and create collaborative cultures.  Millennials and Generation Z demand inclusive cultures, and research shows it boosts the bottomline. Businesses that value diverse perspectives, set a clear mission for ALL their stakeholders and offer employees a more fulfilling work/life balance will attract valuable new talent. Whether you are a business leader or HR professional, you will learn key variables in the Inclusivity Equation to help you design programs that grant you a competitive edge.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the latest research on how diverse teams are accelerating growth and returns

  • Leave with strategies to build more inclusive teams for their own companies

  • Review case studies of best-in-class companies getting it right and their positive results 


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Christine Mari Hori, Marketing Manager

"Jenn's presentation was compelling and an eye-opener for our summit audience.  Gender equity is an important theme for Japan but its penetration into the working force will still take time. With astonishing data and a great presentation style, we are delighted that Jenn was able to join us."

Josh Palau, 

VP Digital Strategy

"I was one of 100 male leaders at the iMedia Brand Summit 2018 who had the good fortune of attending a Wet Cement presentation on Gender Equity. What I loved about it was that she shared research that helped highlight some of the barriers that hold women back, and how we as managers can address sensitive topics like communication styles or how to build confidence."

Mark Karlan, 

VP Digital Marketing

"It’s hard to say whether Jenn’s talk affected me more as a manager, or as the father of a young girl. In either case, I will be more keenly aware of the opportunities and challenges women face in the workplace"