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The Confident Communicator: How to Speak and Present with Power

Intended Audience: General audience

The most effective, engaging communicators are masters of presence, message and delivery. This keynote develops those skills by exploring fundamental communication pitfalls and methods that help you find your voice and project it with fearlessness.  We start with mindset and confidence; by identifying the five core Impostor Syndrome competence types--the Perfectionist, the Rugged Individualist, the Expert, the Superhero and the Natural Genius--participants will understand how their own type impacts their perspective and communication style.  With a stronger sense of self, attendees can then focus on their delivery.  We’ll dig into the “Seven Deadly Speaking Sins” and common vocal trends to avoid, so attendees learn new techniques to elevate their message.  


Attendees will leave with:

  • Mindset and visualization techniques that build confidence for future communications 

  • Awareness of Impostor Syndrome competence types and techniques to overcome associated challenges 

  • Knowledge of the latest vocal trends and common “Speaking Sins” that negatively affect delivery

  • Strategies to improve verbal and non-verbal communication  

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Storytelling: How to Transform Data into Stories to Persuade and Influence

Intended Audience: General audience

Crafting and delivering a compelling brand story is a valuable skill for today's leaders. Informed by decades of sales and marketing experience on both the sell side and buy side, our proven methodology integrates the science of storytelling with the emotion of the “Hero’s Journey.”  Attendees will learn how the elements of a great story contribute to persuading, influencing and building long-term relationships of trust.  We help your team handle objections, prepare thought-provoking questions that tailor their pitch to customer needs and priorities, and position your offering as the ideal solution to close the deal.    


Attendees will leave with:

  • The ability to bring data to life to drive emotion through metaphors, analogies and imagery

  • Proven strategies to build a memorable story that helps generate new business, upsell and cross-sell clients

  • Methods to build a Questioning Strategy to uncover valuable client insights and needs

  • Confidence to sell with conviction and convert prospects into customers


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Karen Paff,

Director, Communications

"Our company asked Jenn to host workshops at its annual women’s leadership network event.  I was blown away by the content, mainly because of the thought process behind it.  Jenn was engaging, interactive and educational in her presentation. Her topics were relevant and helpful to supporting advancement of the key leaders. That’s not just my feedback; some of that language is pulled directly from our post-event survey.  Jenn made a difference in our lives which is why I can’t speak highly enough of her."

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