We shift mindsets and behaviors through our skills-based 1:1 personalized coaching programs.  These private, supportive and empowering sessions will transform your team into killer communicators, superstar sellers, strategic negotiators and purpose-driven leaders.  Coaching is conducted either in-person or virtually via Zoom (and recorded for future reference).


Once we understand an individual’s challenges, we provide a personalized plan, integrating development strategies with accountability to help our clients be more effective and fulfilled.


Skills-Based Coaching  

  • Public Speaking and Presenting

  • Sales: Client Engagement and Storytelling

  • Negotiations

  • Fearless Fundamentals: Confidence, Communications, Connections, Control and Courage

Coaching Programs Include:

  1. Analysis Phase:  An initial assessment helps us understand an individual's role, needs, goals, strengths, and areas for development.

  2. One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions: Minimum of two sessions per participant

  3. Personalized Feedback + Plan:  Shared post-session for the student AND his/her manager (if desired).


To discover how our coaches can make a difference for your business,