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Coaching Program Elements

  • Analysis Phase:  An initial assessment helps us understand an individual's goals, strengths, and development needs.

  • One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions: Six-month minimum commitment per participant

  • Personalized Feedback + Plan:  Shared post-session with the student and his/her manager (if desired).

Skills-Based Coaching

  • Public Speaking and Presenting

  • Sales: Client Engagement & Storytelling

  • Negotiations

  • Fearless Fundamentals: Confidence, Communication, Connection, Control and Culture (details below)

We shift mindsets and behaviors through our skills-based 1:1 personalized coaching programs.  These private, supportive and empowering sessions will transform your team into killer communicators, superstar sellers, strategic negotiators and purpose-driven leaders.  Coaching is conducted either in-person or virtually (and recorded for future reference).


Once we understand an individual’s challenges, we provide a personalized plan, integrating development strategies with accountability to help our clients be more effective and fulfilled.

Fearless Fundamentals Coaching Program

CONFIDENCE: How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome and Improve Confidence

Have you ever thought of yourself as a fraud or a fake, waiting for others to ‘find out’ that you aren’t really as smart or talented as everyone thinks you are?  If you haven’t personally felt this way, your team members probably have.  Impostor Syndrome affects most women at work, but men struggle with it too.  The vast majority of professionals secretly lack confidence at work – especially as they are promoted and/or transition into new roles.  Imposter Syndrome holds high-performing, intelligent and creative people back from achieving their potential and can wreak havoc on team dynamics.  Those touched by the impostor wand withhold their best ideas, delay taking action, burn themselves out and compromise the team.  We will dig into the various Impostor Syndrome ‘competence types’ and understand which ones you identify with then develop strategies for overcoming these triggers. We will also address methods for managing team members who suffer from low self-confidence and how to create a culture that minimizes Impostor Syndrome.


COMMUNICATION: How to Speak and Present with Power 

The most effective, engaging communicators are masters of presence, message and delivery. We help you understand communication pitfalls and adopt methods to develop storytelling and narrative development, engage customers and colleagues through reflexive listening and improve verbal and non-verbal communication.  We will conduct a ‘role-play’ session for an important upcoming presentation or meeting, then deconstruct what could be ‘leveled up’ across 40 dimensions.  You will receive detailed feedback along with a plan that includes areas of focus to become a more ‘confident communicator.’


CONNECTION: Build Your Personal Board of Directors

The relationships you forge along the road to success can have a tremendous impact on your professional growth.  Research shows that men are more likely to build sponsor and mentor relationships to help them navigate tricky political situations at work and within the industry.  All too often women are told to “find a mentor or sponsor” but aren’t sure where to begin or how to do this in an authentic way.  Together, we map out a plan of who can help you on your professional journey and how to build those win-win relationships.  You will identify your personal career growth needs and build a network of trusted partners who will share a vested interest in your future.   


CONNECTION: Network Like a Natural and Thought Leadership  

We begin by shedding the fear--breaking down the barriers that foster discomfort, anxiety, and insecurity when it comes to professional networking and/or thought leadership.  Next, we review actionable strategies to overcome those roadblocks and make it easy to unleash the fearless networker within so you can build authentic win-win relationships based on trust, commonalities, and support.  Finally, we craft a three-pronged strategic plan that empowers you to maximize networking opportunities at industry events and conferences, and online through social media. 


CONTROL: How to Achieve Work/Life Balance and Find Your Joy

In today's always-on world, most of us struggle to keep all the 'balls in the air'—balancing work, family, social lives, household duties, and self-care while striving to pursue what gives us the most meaning and happiness.  With so much on our plates, it is difficult to prioritize what matters most when our “to-do” list is never-ending.  We will develop a plan to achieve the elusive work/life equilibrium we all aspire to by creating your own Blue Sky Blueprint that helps you prioritize, formulate a strategy to say ‘no’ to unnecessary or low-priority demands, and explore ways to “outsource” asks to tip the scales in your favor.  We will also review your physical and emotional well-being goals and jointly develop plans to make them a reality.


CULTURE: How to Build an Inclusive Culture Together

Collaborative cultures drive innovation, engagement, loyalty, and the bottom line.  But while cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive equally is a priority for most leading organizations, there is no ‘playbook’ for understanding and embracing equity, until now.  We will examine the internal and external barriers holding you (and your colleagues) back from achieving your potential based on the culture at work.  We explore workplace realities like non-promotable work, the double bind, the broken rung, microaggressions, and meeting interruptions, among other challenges. You will learn new strategies to navigate, respond to and avoid some of these common workplace issues that can stunt your effectiveness at work.

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