Wet Cement’s services extend beyond a one day keynote or training session; we also work directly with leaders and high-potential team members to identify growth barriers and unlock their potential. Our 1:1 personalized coaching programs, delivered in-person or online, transform your team into killer communicators, superstar sellers, savvy strategists and charismatic leaders who will leave a lasting impression with clients and direct reports. 


We help busy executives prioritize their time and focus their efforts on the things that matter most. Once we understand an individual’s unique challenges, we help craft a “Personal Business Plan” that integrates development strategies with accountability and behavior changes to collectively help our clients be more effective and fulfilled.


1:1 Confident Communications and Presentation Coaching

We also offer private coaching sessions to develop an individual's communication skills, so our clients can polish their delivery and project the kind of confidence, power and charisma that commands attention and wins business, every single time. Whether you're ready to expand your influence and rock the Thought Leadership stage, nail the next big pitch as an entrepreneur, or elevate your business by improving your Executive Presence, Wet Cement can help you meet your goals.


While most development programs focus solely on verbal and non-verbal communication (how to say it), we move beyond the basics by helping individuals nail WHAT to say and WHEN to say it. We take the time to learn about your business, including identifying your customers’ key decision factors and how to best deliver your competitive advantages.

Our unique approach encompasses the Fearless Five Fundamentals — Strategy, Content, Delivery, Confidence and Connections — so participants can:

  • Develop key verbal and non-verbal skills to engage the audience

  • Craft their storytelling, metaphors, analogies and imagery

  • Lead by listening to develop valuable emotional connections

  • Tap into their ‘Confidence Champions’ and sell with conviction

  • Proactively plan to engage an audience from the initial handshake to the follow-up email


Private "Confident Communications Coaching" starts with an initial consultation to understand the participant's skills, needs and priorities.  Once we understand his/her existing skillset and ultimate end goals, we can structure a personalized coaching program that helps meet those objectives. All 1:1 coaching programs include:

  1. Analysis Phase: An initial Assessment and Discovery Call helps us understand an individual's role, needs, goals, strengths and areas for development.

  2. 1:1 Training on Best Practices to Be a "Confident Communicator" (or we can train in small groups to be most cost-effective)

  3. Minimum of two hour-long coaching sessions the first week, followed by weekly or monthly reinforcement sessions  

  4. A personalized development plan shared with the student AND his/her manager (if desired)


To learn more about how our coaches can make a difference for you or your team,

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